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steel structures for building industry

Steel structures for building industry: solutions that last over time

Mantiero Angelo Srl is the company specializing in steel structures for building industry. Thanks to its long experience in the sector and its competent staff, today it is active on the national and international territory for structural steelwork offering the highest quality and professionalism.

Steel structures are widely used in the construction of civil and industrial buildings, both small and large. Steel is the metal that is best suited for the design and construction of these structures because it is resistant to weather and long-lasting.

The various structures made of steel include:

  • structures for ventilation systems
  • prefabricated buildings
  • support platforms
  • warehouses
  • anti-seismic structures
  • special structures
  • stairs
  • mezzanines
  • shelters

Various types of processing are carried out for the execution of steel structures in the building industry, including:

  • cutting
  • punching
  • welding
  • bolting
  • painting
  • galvanizing

Steel structures for building industry: composition of steel

Perhaps not everyone knows that steel is an alloy made up of iron and carbon. The quality of the steel is determined by the quantity of carbon. In structural steelwork, mild or semi-soft steel is usually used.

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History of steel

We shouldn’t forget that iron, especially steel, has had enormous success in modern architecture since the Industrial Revolution, contributing to the construction of skyscrapers, railway stations, shopping centers and warehouses. That is why today it is used in the construction of imposing and large buildings.

Features and advantages of steel

The main features that make steel a high quality metal include:

  • ductility
  • aesthetics
  • elasticity
  • high mechanical performance
  • lightness
  • high workability


These characteristics make steel one of the most suitable solutions for the construction of structures for seismic retrofitting in buildings. Structural interventions of this type decrease the seismic vulnerability inside buildings, particularly buildings made with reinforced concrete or bricks.

Mantiero Angelo Srl: the leading company in steel structures for building industry

Since 1970, Mantiero Angelo Srl has been manufacturing steel structures for the building industry and carpentry in the ceramic-heavy clay sector. Thanks to the achievement of the UNI EN 1090-1/EN 1090-2 certification, EXC1 ECX2 execution classes, Mantiero Angelo Srl carries out structural steelwork ensuring tailor-made solutions in terms of safety, protection, quality and forefront technology.

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