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steel roofing structures

Steel roofing structures: customized solutions

Mantiero Angelo Srl is the company specializing in the construction of steel roofing structures used in both industrial and civil building sectors. Thanks to its experience and professionalism and the help of its staff, Mantiero Angelo Srl is currently able to create tailor-made solutions that can satisfy every request of its customers.

Steel sheets and profiles are widely used in the design and construction of infrastructures and very large buildings. These include the the following structures: external, static consolidation, for warehouses and prefabricated buildings, special and support platforms.

Most steel covering structures are made with beams and lattice structures. The lattice structures have two main advantages: the quantity of material used and the area they can cover. But why are covering structures made of steel so important?

The importance of steel roofing structures

In the architecture sector, stainless steel is often used with an aesthetic and decorative function for the construction of façades, elevators, handrails, escalators and interior coverings.

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But, thanks to the technical characteristics of this metal, it is also mainly used in carpentry processes where durability and resistance are fundamental requirements.

There are essentially three advantages that explain why it is worth using stainless steel for the structural covering of roofs: maximum durability, low weight and minimum maintenance.

Maximum duration

The high rate of pollutants in the air makes it necessary to use corrosion resistant materials. Thanks to its high performance, stainless steel has been used since the times of the historic Industrial Revolution, in coatings, façades and roofs. Consequently, even currently, steel represents one of the most suitable solutions for seismic retrofitting in buildings.

Steel roofing structures: low weight

Given its high mechanical performance, steel is used in lower thicknesses than those required by other metal materials for covering. This implies a lower weight of the final structure and, consequently, a lighter and less expensive support structure.

Minimum maintenance

Thanks to its remarkable resistance to corrosion over time and its smooth surface, any type of covering structure made of stainless steel requires very little maintenance.

Mantiero Angelo Srl: experience and professionalism at your service

Thanks to the achievement of EN 1090-1 EXC 1 and 2 certification, Mantiero Angelo Srl can design and build steel covering structures in any building sector, both in terms of privacy and safety and protection.


In addition to this type of processing, Mantiero Angelo Srl can create load-bearing structures for building, modular perimeter fences, forged wheels, rails and everything related to carpentry for the brick industry.

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