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Steel perimeter fences

Steel perimeter fences: what they are and what they are used for

The steel perimeter fences are safety devices that border hazardous areas of any buildings, both private and public. Mantiero Angelo Srl is one of the leading companies specialized in designing and manufacturing tailor-made steel perimeter fences.

They come in different sizes and dimensions both for internal and external use, both civil and industrial, and they are cutting-edge solutions able to meet and satisfy any customer needs.

Mantiero Angelo Srl offers functional, resistant solutions, easy to install and assemble with a great aesthetic value. These workings use hot-dip galvanized steel fences available in various heights and lengths that do not require structural readjustments.

The perimeter steel fences are made by Mantiero Angelo Srl and are used for different uses such as:

  • boundary of plant areas to guarantee safety
  • fences and parapets installed on concrete walls
  • border partitions to anchor to the ground
  • mobile barriers

The importance of choosing steel modular fences instead of wire fences

Selecting a modular steel fence instead of a wire fence has different advantages. First, it is a functional, safe and aesthetic solution that guarantees a high quality of resistance and lasts longer over time. Moreover, it is easier to install and assemble and it is more versatile and functional.

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That is why the steel modular fence is a valid alternative to the wire fence and it is especially used in:

  • construction areas
  • construction sites
  • perimeter boundaries of companies for safety purposes and in all outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, gardens, parks, etc.

Galvanized steel modular fences are the most popular because, in addition to being elegant, they are more resistant to wear and to the weather. Functional and versatile solutions to border off areas temporarily or permanently which also ensure privacy and safety.


Mantiero Angelo steel perimeter fences adapt perfectly to different areas and, given their ease of assembly and quick installation, they guarantee an excellent quality-price ratio.

Trust Mantiero Angelo Srl

Since 1970, Mantiero Angelo Srl has been producing light and heavy metal structural work for the brick industry and in both civil and industrial sectors. After getting the UNI EN 1090-1/EN 1090-2 certifications, the Vicenza company can now make steel structural components.

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