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Processing of heavy carpentry

Processing of heavy carpentry: what it is?

The processing of heavy carpentry concerns all production sectors where high quality is required for the realization of the resulting finished products.
But, how do you differentiate industrial carpentry from heavy metal carpentry?

Before explaining what heavy carpentry is, let’s clarify what carpentry means. Carpentry is a specialized activity in the metal or wooden construction of buildings and large structures. Moreover, there is a difference between industrial carpentry, which concerns all the processes carried out with the aid of machinery and forefront tools, and artisan carpentry, whose products are made with simpler machinery for working iron and wood.

Difference between heavy carpentry and light carpentry

Finally, heavy carpentry differs from light carpentry in regards to the use of sheets of different thickness and size. In fact, heavy carpentry involves the processing of parts that have a load-bearing function in both the civil and industrial sectors while light carpentry includes all the processes that do not have a load-bearing action, such as the construction of gates, frames, fences, doors, etc.

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Therefore, the important function of heavy carpentry involves meeting high requirements for the materials and the manufacturing processes. The goal is to ensure maximum safety during the assembly and operation of the built structures.

Processing of heavy carpentry: what are the main processes

In the production of heavy carpentry, the most used manufacturing processes are rolling and welding. These are two very specialized processes whose quality depends on the professionalism of the companies and, above all, on the raw material used, namely steel. Thanks to its high tensile strength, steel is currently the most used metal for the structural parts of modern buildings.

Rolling and welding

Rolling is the process of sheet metal working that smooths and compresses the steel sheets that pass through rotating rollers. After rolling, assembly and welding are carried out.


Welding is the process of finishing the machined elements subjected to rolling. This process requires specific training of the operators who must have the necessary qualifications to ensure the quality and control of the welding as well as the ability to manage materials and equipment used in safe workplaces.

Trust Mantiero Angelo Srl in the processing of heavy carpentry

Mantiero Angelo Srl specializes in processing heavy carpentry in both civil and industrial sectors. Thanks to its experienced and professional staff, Mantiero Angelo Srl is able to create detailed and tailor-made solutions with the utmost privacy, protection and security.

Contact us for more information on the processing of heavy carpentry.

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