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Metallic carpentry for kilns

Metallic carpentry for kilns: what it is

Mantiero Angelo Srl is one of few companies specialized in metallic carpentry for kilns that, for decades, the company has been making steel bearing structures for various contexts both in the civil and industrial building industries.

These structures are essential in all metal construction workings that involve the use of cutting, folding and welding machines. According to the specific needs, these workings use iron and steel to get a finished product ready to be used in the civil and industrial building industries.

In particular, the kiln carpentry includes the production of the following components:

  • kiln wagons
  • drier trolleys, drier shelves and drier scales
  • platforms and structures for kilns and driers
  • light carpentry for the layout of production plants

But what exactly are these products? Let’s get to know more about them!

Metallic carpentry for kilns: kiln wagons

The kiln wagon is essential for baking bricks and handling the material in a continuous cycle.

The kiln consists of a fixed tunnel, either prefabricated or made by bricks on site, where it is heated by burners on the sides or in the vaulted roof and by wagons that bear the weight of brick material and convey it during the baking phase. Mantiero Angelo Srl specializes in making kiln wagons and supplying beams for the construction of the tunnel kiln.

Drier trolleys, shelves and scales

The trolleys, shelves and scales are essential components and integral parts of the driers in the brick production plants.

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They are mostly characterized by their thermal resistance mainly due to their metal structure. Galvanized steel, or steel treated with a special paint, is by nature non-corrodible, which means that it does not deteriorate and, consequently, it is suitable for all types of metal processing and for the resistance and wear and tear of the acidic properties of the clays that come into contact with the structure itself.

Platforms and structures for kilns and driers

Platforms and bearing metal structures are used mainly in the civil and industrial building industries, but, these structures also include the components that are used in the layouts of heavy-clay production industry such as:

  • prefabricated sheds
  • silos, stairs, mezzanines
  • bearing and lifting platforms

Their common features include resistance to weather, resistance to heat and corrosive agents, duration over time, less occupied space and more light filtering.

Metallic carpentry for kilns and light carpentry

Light carpentry can be used in the layouts of production plants but also and for civil and private use, differing from the heavy carpentry for the sheet thickness, welding techniques and working process. Shearing, cutting, folding, welding and punching are carried out by qualified staff that ensures accurate planning and the utmost precision in all working phases.

The resistance and durability of the light carpentry products are also ensured by the hot galvanizing process. Therefore, light carpentry does not only include lighter weight materials but also involves both different working processes and final uses.


Mantiero Angelo Srl is a company specializes in carpentry for kilns, based in Vicenza and it has been working since 1970. Thanks to the long experience of their expert and qualified personnel, it has been manufacturing metal carpentry for different sectors such as the brick industry, the civil and industrial building industry and the metal mechanic and mechatronic industry.

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