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metal carpentry trolleys driers

Metal carpentry of trolleys for driers: resistant and long-lasting

Mantiero Angelo Srl is one of the leading companies specializing in metal carpentry and trolleys for driers for the ceramic and heavy clay brick industry.

For the realization of each single metal component, Mantiero Angelo Srl uses precise processing techniques, thanks to the use of cutting, welding and bending machines. Most of the production is made of iron and steel with the aim of obtaining a finished product suitable for brick production plants.

Trolleys, platforms and scales are a fundamental part of driers in the world of heavy clay and ceramics. The main reason is their thermal resistance due to their metal structure. Galvanized steel is naturally non-corrodible and does not deteriorate and, consequently, it is suitable for metal processing.

Not only steel structural work: drier trolleys

Trolleys, scales and load-bearing structures such as platforms, mezzanines, metal bases are widely used in the ceramic and brick industry. The company production also includes the following:

  • warehouses
  • prefabricated
  • mezzanines
  • stairs
  • support platforms

All these structures have the following characteristics in common:

  • heat resistance
  • resistance to climatic conditions
  • corrosion resistance
  • duration over time

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What metal carpentry is

Mantiero Angelo Srl also manufactures small and large structures for metal carpentry. There is also a distinction between heavy steel structural work and light steel structural work.

The main difference is the thickness and size of the sheets. Heavy steel structural work includes the machining of large components such as prefabricated buildings, warehouses and load-bearing structures.

Light steel structural work includes all parts that do not have a load-bearing function and have smaller sizes such as stairs, mezzanines, parapets and fixtures.

Metal carpentry of trolleys for driers

Characteristics and uses of steel

Steel is the most used metal structural work as it is an alloy of iron and carbon resistant to the high temperatures of kilns and driers, and it is durable over time.

With the achievement of UNI EN 1090-1 / EN 1090-2 certifications, EXC1 execution classes; ECX2 Mantiero Angelo Srl is now able to perform any type of metal structural work, guaranteeing customized solutions for the customer.


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