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forged steel wheel carpentry

Forged steel wheel carpentry: how to give life to shapes

Thanks to its experience and professionalism, Mantiero company specializes in forged steel wheels for industrial use. But what exactly is it about? Let’s first find out what forging means.

The forging technique involves the plastic deformation of metal components by means of high temperatures.

The pieces are machined with a forging press that changes the pieces’ shape without breaking them. These are hot forging processes of metal pieces for producing semi-finished products that are later worked and brought to their final size.

Closed-die forging

Closed-die forging, also known as press stamping, is a variation of traditional forging. This technique involves the use of a double die press that metallurgically modifies the alloy being worked.

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Forged steel wheel carpentry: main features

Mantiero Angelo Srl manufactures forged wheels with C45 steel ensuring high strength and durability in every application, including those with high temperatures and heavy loads. These wheels are widely used in applications for handling kiln wagons and driers in the heavy-clay sector.

Sizes of steel forged wheels

The wheels can be equipped with bearings, shaft and grease nipple and can be produced in different sizes:

  • 200
  • 220
  • 230
  • 250
  • 300

Mantiero Angelo Srl also sells rails that can be cut at 45° and 90° at the customer’s request. In particular, the company trades the following:

Burbach forged rails (suitable solution for overhead crane runways)
Decauville rails (light rails used in the automation sector and the sliding of wagons also in the brick and ceramic industry).

Furthermore, during assembly, the necessary accessories are also supplied such as anchoring bases and fixing plates.

Metal carpentry: meaning and differences

Having obtained the EN 1090-1 EXC 1 and 2 certifications, Mantiero Angelo Srl company is able to perform metal carpentry and forged steel wheels as well as any type of metal structured work. But what does metal carpentry?

Metal carpentry involves all the processes for the production of metal components and pieces, steel in the first place. To perform these processes, some high-precision techniques are required such as:

  • cut
  • welding
  • deformation
  • finishing


Furthermore, a clear distinction must be made between light structural work and heavy structural work. The first concerns all small metallurgical processes, such as stairs, gates and trolleys; while, heavy structural work includes large-scale interventions such as bridges, prefabricated buildings, warehouses, supporting structures and platforms.

Trust Mantiero Angelo Srl for your forged steel wheel carpentry works.

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