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Heavy metal carpentry

Heavy metal carpentry includes all the workings in the iron metallurgical sector for making and producing finished metal products. In general, metal carpentry requires specific techniques and machines for cutting, welding, folding, deformation and finishing metals.

The companies that specialize in heavy metal carpentry, such as Mantiero Angelo Srl, are involved in large metal workings that need precise and innovative technologies.

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Metallic carpentry for kilns: what it is

Mantiero Angelo Srl is one of few companies specialized in metallic carpentry for kilns that, for decades, the company has been making steel bearing structures for various contexts both in the civil and industrial building industries.

These structures are essential in all metal construction workings that involve the use of cutting, folding and welding machines. According to the specific needs, these workings use iron and steel to get a finished product ready to be used in the civil and industrial building industries.

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