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Metal carpentry of trolleys for driers: resistant and long-lasting

Mantiero Angelo Srl is one of the leading companies specializing in metal carpentry and trolleys for driers for the ceramic and heavy clay brick industry.

For the realization of each single metal component, Mantiero Angelo Srl uses precise processing techniques, thanks to the use of cutting, welding and bending machines. Most of the production is made of iron and steel with the aim of obtaining a finished product suitable for brick production plants.

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Heavy clay carpentry: experience and innovation

Mantiero Angelo Srl specializes in heavy clay carpentry and it operates in Italy and abroad. Since 1970, the company has been involved in the world of bricks, creating customized projects for their customers.

With 50 years of experience, they offer their customers the utmost professionalism and quality and it is always present with effective and cutting-edge solutions.

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Steel structures for building industry: solutions that last over time

Mantiero Angelo Srl is the company specializing in steel structures for building industry. Thanks to its long experience in the sector and its competent staff, today it is active on the national and international territory for structural steelwork offering the highest quality and professionalism.

Steel structures are widely used in the construction of civil and industrial buildings, both small and large. Steel is the metal that is best suited for the design and construction of these structures because it is resistant to weather and long-lasting.

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Carpentry for kiln wagons: everything you should know

Mantiero Angelo Srl is a leading company specialized in carpentry for kiln wagons for the ceramic and heavy clay industry. Its decade-old experience and its expert personnel make the company able to make structures, coverings and fences in structural steelwork in both the civil and industrial building industries.

Kiln wagons are components of the plants for baking bricks and handling the material in a continuous cycle. The kiln consists of a fixed tunnel, either prefabricated or built with bricks on site, and moving wagons that bear the weight of the material and convey it during the baking phase.

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Steel roofing structures: customized solutions

Mantiero Angelo Srl is the company specializing in the construction of steel roofing structures used in both industrial and civil building sectors. Thanks to its experience and professionalism and the help of its staff, Mantiero Angelo Srl is currently able to create tailor-made solutions that can satisfy every request of its customers.

Steel sheets and profiles are widely used in the design and construction of infrastructures and very large buildings. These include the the following structures: external, static consolidation, for warehouses and prefabricated buildings, special and support platforms.

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Processing of heavy carpentry: what it is?

The processing of heavy carpentry concerns all production sectors where high quality is required for the realization of the resulting finished products.
But, how do you differentiate industrial carpentry from heavy metal carpentry?

Before explaining what heavy carpentry is, let’s clarify what carpentry means. Carpentry is a specialized activity in the metal or wooden construction of buildings and large structures. Moreover, there is a difference between industrial carpentry, which concerns all the processes carried out with the aid of machinery and forefront tools, and artisan carpentry, whose products are made with simpler machinery for working iron and wood.

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Steel bearing structures: tailor-made solutions

Mantiero Angelo Srl is a specialized company in steel bearing structures for the civil and industrial building sector. For more than 50 years, it has been offering its expertise and professionalism, guaranteeing tailored solutions able to meet any need.

What are steel bearing structures used for? Structural steel is greatly used in designing and making load-bearing structures for the execution of very impressive buildings and infrastructures, but also for smaller constructions such as shelters, sheds and mezzanines.

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Steel perimeter fences: what they are and what they are used for

The steel perimeter fences are safety devices that border hazardous areas of any buildings, both private and public. Mantiero Angelo Srl is one of the leading companies specialized in designing and manufacturing tailor-made steel perimeter fences.

They come in different sizes and dimensions both for internal and external use, both civil and industrial, and they are cutting-edge solutions able to meet and satisfy any customer needs.

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