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Bearing structures for buildings

We realize steel load-bearing structures for the civil and industrial building sector.











Mantiero Angelo Srl is a specialised company in metal structural work and bearing structures for building, boasting extensive experience on the Italian and international markets. For almost 50 years it has been offering its professionalism and expertise in the sector, guaranteeing tailored solutions according to the request of the customer.

Thanks to holding EN 1090-1 EXC 1 and 2 certification, today the company is able to produce steel load-bearing structures for the civil and industrial building sector, ensuring tailored solutions to satisfy any type of customer need based on the specific projects they provide.

Our works

  • Cutting the raw material
  • Punching
  • Sheet metal rolling
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Bolting
  • Painting
  • Galvanizing
  • Onsite assembly

Furthermore, Mantiero Angelo Srl offers an assembly service for the structures using specialized staff equipped with all the necessary training and safety requirements.

Built structures

Mantiero Angelo Srl produces different types of bearing structures for civil and industrial building, including:

  • Prefabricated sheds
  • Structures for static consolidation of existing buildings
  • External structures and shelters
  • Silos boxes and special structures
  • Structures for ventilation systems
  • Stairs, mezzanines, various support platforms

Structures for static consolidation of existing prefabricated buildings

Anti-seismic adaptation

Work on existing prefabricated buildings is an increasingly important issue in the face of aging of infrastructures from the past.

Among these, the problem of seismic safety on existing buildings is predominant, that had been built according to anti-seismic criteria that are no longer up to date. The entire country is subject to seismic risk and that is why it is necessary to implement competitive and effective interventions and solutions to reduce the danger.

In this regard, steel plays a fundamental role thanks to these characteristics: lightweight, reduced measurements, aesthetics, easy to build, reversibility.

In fact, metal work is the best solution for structural interventions addressed to reducing the seismic vulnerability of existing buildings, usually built in reinforced concrete or bricks.

A distinction should also be made between seismic improvement and adaptation. The former means all those measures to increase safety, such as the reinforcement of some structural elements. While with seismic adaptation it is assumed that the structure is able to withstand the project loads required for new buildings.

Metal structure sheds

These prefabs have a steel structure made with pillars assembled together. Usually the roofs on these prefabrications are made with corrugated sheets or insulated sheet metal panels.

Sheds with a metal structure have several advantages such as: pillars with less bulk, width of the mesh that allows greater light filtering.

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